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As an Entrepreneur you should focus on your passion, your idea, point "A" and allow B2Z Business Advisory Services set you up to go forward.
To get from point B to point Z you need assistance and expertise from someone with the time, knowledge and passion to help you make your idea a business success!



Starting a business is easy. Running a successful business is hard and requires a great deal of expertise.  Making sure that you start it off on the right foot and have considered all of the elements involved can be a real challenge.  Working with someone with successful experience heavily weighs the scale in your favor.


B2Z Business Advisory Services' mission is to provide affordable, knowledgeable support for entrepreneurs just starting out or one who is looking for an experienced set of eyes and ideas! 

  • Personal Financial Budgeting

  • Business Set-Up

  • Accounting Services

  • Tax Services

  • ​Operations Management

  • ​Sales Channel Review

  • ​Cost of Goods Analysis

  • ​Strategic Planning

  • Budeting and Business Plan Prep

  • ​Marketing

  • ​Human Resources

  • Special Projects needed

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